A Startup Community & Tech Accelerator

in Awesome Town!

Launching & curating tech startups in Valencia, CA


We’ve launched 9 Startups already. And with more in the hopper, 2013 will be a great year.


Besides a thriving community we offer a unique Startup Curriculum to help you get to launch along with knowledge and mentorship from the best teachers in High Tech.

Big Events

We host BIG events like Startup Weekend where we launched 7 companies from concept to live product in just 54 hours.


If you’re a code nerd or a trep (entrepreneur), SCV Startup is for you. It’s a place to create. Be around people like you.

Access to Capital

Our Startups meet and work alongside VCs and Angels at events. You get to know them and vice versa before you begin term sheet discussions.


Besides meeting members of the Press at our events, you’ll learn directly from them the proper way to attract the attention of the media in your industry. .

A Thriving Startup Community in Awesome Town!

We’re known throughout SoCal as a community loaded with tech talent; But we’re more than that. A close-knit community where you fit right in! You won’t get lost in the shuffle. You’ll be free to create the product or company you want.
  • Learn the Startup Curriculum by attending events, meetups, and demos
  • Learn directly from the biggest names in the High Tech World as they mentor the group.
  • Work alongside, share with, and learn from other geeks and prens pursuing their dream too.
  • Make friends and be a part of something great.
  • Just 45 minutes from Santa Monica and Silicon Beach; You’ll find out why they call this AWESOME TOWN!
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