Brad Feld: How to Make Your Startup a RockStar

Brad Feld, Founder of TechStars, the benchmark by which all tech accelerator programs around the world are measured, came to SCV Startup and spoke to a packed house of eager startups at the Embassy Suites Hotel.  

Brad Feld Tech Stars
Brad Feld, Tech Stars

Brad is also a successful tech entrepreneur, Angel and VC investor  (Managing Director at Foundry Group – having invested in some of the big successes in tech) and is also an author of 3 books on building and launching successful tech companies. “Do More Faster” is considered one of the Top 5 startup books ever written. Brad discussed how he selects businesses to invest in, the keys to make your Startup a Rock Star success, and how every community can be a Startup Community.



The Recap


“Fantastic event for the Santa Clarita Community. Read the Signal Article.”
Jana, The Signal
“Phenomenal! Erick Arndt of Timeshare Juice and SCV MeetUp and Jim Armstrong of Clearstone Venture Partners put on a fantastic event with Brad Feld of Foundry Group and TechStars fame. No VC or male ego here. Brad is intelligent, insightful and passionate about entrepreneurs. His advice was a simple, constructive narrative from years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor. While we hear other Angel/VC’s advise us NOT to love our product – completely ass backwards for product creators – Brad preaches the opposite – LOVE your product and nurture the hell out of it and the money will come. I’m excited to be a part of the SCV Startup community!”
Lisa, Skin Metro
“What a great presentation! Very insightful and motivating! Amazing that a speaker of this caliber gave a talk in Santa Clarita!”
Scott Shifflett, member
“Awesome insight from Brad! Not just a cheerleader speech but actual advice on what makes or breaks a startup idea. Emphasized the importance of community (SCV) and obsession for what you do. Very inspiring. And complementary sushi + wine to follow? If this event had any more class it would require a fancy hat for entrance.”
Brian Tippy, Alternav
“Very informative and a great networking opportunity. Love the idea of a start-up community here in SCV. Thank you to all who were involved.”
Rick Stoner, Security Analyst
“The part where Brad leaped over the building in a single bound was particularly impressive.”
Voldi Way, Wayforward Tech


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