We’re all about Startups

We’re really fired up about Startups and creating a worldclass Startup Community. And our enthusiasm is contagious; maybe that’s why some of the biggest names in the Tech World have come to check us out and share their knowledge and experiences with the group. We have monthly events from startup demos to growth hacking to UX.


In the News…

Startups and the Tech Space

SCV Startup Critical to Future of SCV

Comparing Silicon Valley to SCV

Starting from Scratch 

Design Website with Customer in Mind

We’ve Got Mad Skills

Web Design 90
Graphic Design 85
WordPress 75
Ruby on Rails 94
Java 80
Game Dev 97

The Team

Erick Arndt
Erick ArndtCo-founder
Erick Arndt, co-founder of TripRocker and tech enthusiast, launched SCV Startup with help from Brad Feld and Jim Armstrong.  Interesting factoid: Erick pitched live on Jason Calacanis’ show This Week in Startups.  By day, Erick is a Financial Advisor in Santa Clarita
Brian Tippy
Brian TippyBiz Guy
Brian is called the Channing Tatum of the SCV Startup but he’s also the lead organizer for Startup Weekend, the most successful and exciting small business event in Santa Clarita history. Interesting factoid: Brian holds the record for simultaneously working on not 1 or 2 but 3 startups.
Eric Hayes
Eric HayesWoz of SCV
When he’s not holed up in his lair pumping code, he’s putting his genius to work as the CTO for TripRocker. A full stack developer, Eric is “The Woz of Santa Clarita Valley”. He’s a leader of the hacker community, the SCV Startup offshoot for programmers attracting developers from all throughout SoCal who want to geek out and create.
Lance Minion
Lance MinionHacker
Great visionary. Talented hacker. Chick magnet. Insane and no one knows what he’s saying. Interesting factoid: Has starred in major motion picture in his past.


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