Bill Momary: From Garage to Fundraising to Cashflow

Bill Momary is the founder and CEO of EByline. Bill came to SCV Startup and spoke to a packed house of eager startups to tell his story from garage to funding to revenue.  Bill was a middle manager working for a large publisher when he got the idea for his startup. He called his best friend to pitch the idea and he was in. Bill tells his whirlwind of a story from building late nights in his garage in Santa Clarita and making his way to Sand Hill Road. It was a great event to attend.

Watch the rest of the Bill Momary presentation…

 Bill Momary EByline Part 2 

 Bill Momary EByline Part 3

 Bill Momary EByline Part 4

The Recap


“Erick, great concept for a series. Bill did a very good job of presenting his story and highlighted the key milestones and decision points on his journey to a successful entrepreneurial venture.”
Ravi, CFO Consulting
“Hands down, the BEST, most informative session I’ve been to in recent memory. Exceptional speaker, invaluable content.”
Steve Noe, entrepreneur
“I have received great feedback on the presentation. I can see Bill connected with the entrepreneurs in the room and answered the questions that all entrepreneurs have. He was able to connect the dots on how to take an idea from proof of concept through the capital raise and into revenue producing. It was a great story.”
Erick, Vacation Juice


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