Changes Coming to Startup Community in 2015

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What a great year 2014 was. Not only did we have over a dozen fantastic events for startups but our community grew from under 200 entrepreneurs to almost 400.

2015 will be another great year for startups and our community. We have great ideas to make the community even better. Some changes require your action, so please be aware:

  1. Moving away from– All future meetups, social events, and meetings (everything!) will be posted here only. Invitations will go out by email. YOU MUST JOIN THE EMAIL LIST to know about future events. The invites will no longer go out on Meetup. We are moving quickly. Effective January 31st, you will no longer get invites or emails from
  1. One Combined Startup Community– Several groups merged into SCV Startup this year to simplify things (developers, designers, marketing). SCV Startup is known as the startup community North of LA so it made sense to combine everyone into a single community and announce all events ( from Pitching, Coding, Design, to Marketing, etc) to everyone. This means you don’t have to follow 3 or 4 groups, just 1. One big happy weird dysfunctional yet funny and kind family. Nice and easy? This will stay the same in 2015.

There’s more…

  • New Venues: We are lining up some new venues to have events. I foresee a venue with beer taps and there are rumors about our first co-working space here in Valencia.
  • College Students Joining the Community– In 2014 we had a small group of entrepreneurs from College of the Canyons attend some events. That went so well that in 2015 we will be having co-sponsored events with the students in the startup community at College of the Canyons.

Have ideas for future events? Let’s hear them….