Crowdfunding and Kickstarter: Raise capital for your startup.

Zachary Strebeck, an attorney who formerly worked with Crowdfunder came to SCV Startup to discuss how you can raise capital for your startup using the new crowdfunding laws from the JOBS Act as well as Kickstarter. It was a wild night that went very late with great discussion and interaction from many members of the group including Voldi who talked briefly about his successful Kickstarter campaign.

Zach is a lawyer with strong ties to tech. His ability to understand tech and put the laws into more layperson terms made for a great informative presentation and laid the groundwork for a lively discussion that lasted quite a while and is still not over. 

The Recap

[slideshare id=28746358&doc=zscrowdfundingpresentation-131129151830-phpapp01]


Press Coverage

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“This was a very helpful meeting. Zach was open to questions and anyone who asked something, received an answer from either him or the group. Can’t complain there. The podcast Zach mentioned was also interesting. And having Voldi there was great too, since he had recently done a very interesting Kickstarter and was open to sharing as well. As usual having a lot of people there provided a lot of insight from the cross-talk of information and experience.”
Chris, RoR guy
“I was hoping the presenter would really dive into the “how to” of crowd funding but all he did was read off a bunch bullet points really fast.”
Joel, Entrepreneur
“It was a really helpful overview on the topic and was a good starting point to figure out what to do next. The discussion afterwards with Q&A was also very helpful. It was a good event.”
Eric, hacker


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