Fundraising: “Crowdfunding to VCs” with Howard Leonhardt 2/20 7pm

howard leonhardt is coming to SCV Startup

Get ready for an amazing event… I’ve been working on gettingHoward Leonhardt to come to SCV Startup for a while now. He possesses unrivaled knowledge of fundraising from VC to crowdfunding. He’s going to share his knowledge and experience about how he built companies up with only a small amount of starting capital and about the new age of crowdfunding. Get ready for some knowledge…

About Howard: Howard Leonhardt is an inventor with over 20 patents for products for treating cardiovascular disease.  His inventions have treated more than 200,000 patients and have generated more than $3 billion in revenues.  He is a leader in endovascular technologies and stem cell research having led over 25 years of related studies including the first in man percutaneous stent graft repare in 2001.  He is a serial entrepreneur having founded dozens of companies from scratch creating thousands of jobs.  He has served on the boards of many leading universities including UCLA and the University of Northern California and has been a life long advocate of modernizing education.  He is a strong supporter of entrepreneurship and co-leads Startup California with a special focus on promoting crowdfunding, business mentoring, entrepreneurship education, local investing and improving women’s access to capital.  He founded Leonhardt Vineyards in 2000 with an original 15 acres in Sonoma County and currently produces and sells wines with his son Ryan sold primarily through 120 Trader Joe’s stores in California.  He is strong supporter of the Conscious Capitalism movement.  He founded the public policy institute The Entrepreneurship Party in 2006 that lobbied for reducing the cost and complexity for small companies raising capital that eventually helped support the passage of The JOBS ACT in 2012 with overwhelming bi-partisan support.  He runs a cardiovascular life science and social good impact innovation accelerator in Santa Monica.  He is founder and chairman of The California Stock Exchange – the first conscious capitalism stock exchange.

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