Gary Swart: Looking For Squirrels Rather Than Chickens

Gary Swart, CEO of ODesk, came to SCV Startup to a packed house of startup entrepreneurs from all over SoCal to talk about what it takes to build a great startup.

gary-swartGary Swart shared his tips for startup success including how to cost effectively build your product and launch it to the world as well as how to hire and manage great people to build a worldclass startup. ODesk is focused on connecting great ideas and great people to create great end products. Gary talked for about 45 minutes to the startup group about the importance of finding great people for your business and then about how to find great people during the interview process.  After 45 minutes he took questions for over an hour ranging from how to use ODesk to get their project launched to what are some great questions to ask when you’re interviewing someone.

 Watch the rest of the Gary Swart presentation:

Gary Swart ODesk Part 2

Gary Swart ODesk Part 3

Gary Swart ODesk Part 4

Gary Swart Event Recap


Press Coverage on Gary Swart Event

Using the Web to Hire the Best Talent

“Great insight from Gary, came away with some really useful nuggets. Never again shall a hiring process be overlooked! Big thanks to Erick for putting on another killer event.”
Brian, Alternav
Tom, Entrepreneur
“The information was very valuable! Having Gary share with the member was truly a great experience. I hope other speakers can bring the same type of help to SCV.”
Alan, Aspiring Entrepreneur


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