Get Traffic and Monetize it. Build Your Website into a Valuable Business Asset.

After talking with so many of you I hear over and over the desire to get more customers to your online business and make money. There are millions of websites so how do you rise above all the noise and get your customers to find you…and keep coming back over and over…and invite others to your site.

Come learn proven techniques and strategy to build visitor traffic to your website. Whether you want to grow from 50 visitors to 50,000 or 100,000 to 1 million, this workshop is for you. This is real online marketing to grow your business.

Learn comprehensive strategy to:

1) Target your customers on the web

2) Get visitors to your website

3) Nurture them and keep them coming back over and over.

4) Covert them into paying customers. Over 90% of visitors are just “browsing” so now what?

Learn to build real sustainable and trackable visitors. Come learn how it’s done.

What this is NOT:

cloaking, phishing, link farms or black hat techniques. There is no customer deception at all.
How to use Google Adwords or PPC advertising.
Also on the agenda: I want to spend some time reviewing the local Startup Community and companies to further ensure we continue to work in a collaborative fashion across the awesome SCV.

Snack and refreshments will be provided.

It’s going to be a great event. We have limited space so don’t wait to sign up. See you then!!