Growth Hacking: Learn How to Get Your First Million Users. Sept 18th

Learn Growth Hacking
Let’s get users, let’s get users.

Growth Hacking – it’s what every good startup is talking about. You want users, lots of ’em. How can you do it? In this case, the first million! Growth Hacking is usually done by increasing site traffic and optimizing your conversion funnel. This is quantifiable, requires experiment, and experience.

Remember that Customer Funnel I talked about last time?  Come see this great presentation from Conrad Wadowski from He’s spent years compiling all this great information on how the great companies acquired their customers. I’ve seen it and it’s awesome. Want to know how? Come learn Best Practices for Growth Hacking.

I’m really excited about this one. This slide deck is packed full of great info that we can use to grow our user base.

We will start sharp at 7. As usual we’ll have some cold beverages, great discussion, and networking to follow.

Pay before: $3
Pay at the door: $6

See you then!