Jim Armstrong: What I invest in.

Jim Armstrong from Clearstone Ventures came to the Under Grounds coffeehouse in Valencia, CA to speak to SCV Startup. Over 40 entrepreneurs and developers listened in to learn from one of the preeminent VCs in California about how to raise capital the right way, how to build a great team (including your capital partners) as well as who were the best entrepreneurs he’s ever worked with and why.


The Recap


“Great group,great learning opportunity.Listening to all experienced individuals ,their failures and success is truly amazing.This group will be really great for our SCV community.”
Maitali, member
“Very good information. Good contacts, the future meetings should be great.”
Jim, member
Robert, member
“I found the presenter, Jim, to be insightful and interesting. Very good stuff he presented. Of course everyone has their opinions, but same with anything. I’m excited to attend the next one.”

“This was a great meeting. Learned A LOT. Great Speaker. I can’t wait for the next one.”
Terese, member
“I felted the meeting and presentation was very good. Knowledgable speaker and a wealth of information.”
Zayne, member
“Awesome meeting! Jim Armstrong was amazing. Not only did we learn a great deal from him, but I think everyone left feeling inspired as well. Expect to see some exciting new startups in SCV!”
Voldi, member
“Good speaker with interesting insights on the current state of the VC game. This is also the first time I heard Erick, the organizer of this group and he seems genuinely motivated in seeing this group get traction and lend advice. It was also good to see quite a few local entrepreneurs in attendance. Definitely will visit again.”
Julio, member


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