Silicon Valley: Emulating their Success June 24th, 2013

As we continue to grow our Startup Community here in Awesome Town it’s important to look to and learn from Startup Communities that have had success. And there is no Startup Community in the world more successful than Silicon Valley.

The myths, legends, and movies… We’ve all heard (or witnessed) the “glamorous” narrative of the Silicon Valley experience. As startup aficionados, our curiosity is sparked when discussing the environment that has cultivated THE biggest technology companies in history.

Ever wonder what this environment is really like? Let’s hear from a fellow startupper that has been immersed in the Bay Area startup culture for the past 6 months. You’ll get an unfiltered account of how motivating yet sobering this environment really is, along with practices that can be applied to any growing startup community. We’ll talk tech, beer, breakfast burritos, hygiene, and all-things startup.

Let’s learn more about how SV operates as we continue to build out SCV Startup.

Refreshments: It’s a BYOB NIGHT!! So bring your fave beverage to share with the crew. (We haven’t done that in a while. I had to promise the police I wouldn’t do that again after the last one…). Just make sure it’s called unless you’re bringing sake 🙂

Admission Fee: Those entering without beverages will have to buy pizza for the group….(jk)