Vacation Juice logoVacation Juice helps you go on more vacations…around the world…in beautiful accommodations…without lodging costs. Where will you go?

AlterNav strives to turn content-creators into better designers and marketers. We aim to solve the problem of visitor distraction by renovating the way in which media is displayed. We’re doing this by providing our users with an intuitive interface, a “blank canvas”, and a fluid design process.
insta-md logoInstaMD, a startup company specializing in patient centric health technology, is preparing to launch their debut product, the Multi-Use InstaMD Headset. The headset works in conjunction with any existing stethoscope to record amplified, high-quality sound that can be archived for independent patient tracking or shared with a patient’s medical provider. For the first time, convenient audio and video health monitoring is available to consumers through any computer or smart mobile device. In essence, InstaMD’s Multi-Use Headset is making advanced health monitoring more convenient and cost-effective than ever before.

Gabagool GamesWe create casual/social mobile games for iOS and Android devices. Carrying a quirky and retro feel, our games are easy to pick up yet designed with the gamer in mind.

zejoop casual event plannerCasual event planning. Coming soon…


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