Voldi Way: Create a Successful Video Game Company

Gaming is all the rage; from Playstation to XBox to mobile and more….and Voldi does it all. Voldi Way of Wayforward Tech came to SCV Startup to talk about how he created a multi-million dollar gaming company from….scratch. And not exactly the gaming capital of the world, Valencia, CA. Voldi explained the keys to his success in front of a large crowd at a local coffee shop here in Santa Clarita called Under Grounds.


The Recap


“I enjoyed the speaker even though it wasn’t so relevant to my start-up. I appreciated hearing the lessons learned.”
Don, Toussaint
“Great to see all the new people in the group. And the distance some people are traveling to come, learn, and grow is just inspiring. It was also great to see how many people are bringing friends. We are on to something here. Something big is happening here in Awesome Town.”
Erick, Vacation Juice



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