Scott Turner from 3D Systems: The 3D Printing Revolution is upon us

3d systemsScott Turner from 3D Systems showed us the past, present and future of 3D Printing Revolution happening right now.


The Recap


“Very informative! Adam shared a lot great stories and insight about various sources of funding.”
Voldi, Evil Overlord
“Useful info presented by Adam. Thanks. Gives Entrepreneurs lots to think about.”
Ravi, CFO Consulting
“Very informative talk. Networking afterwards is always great as well.”
Bobby, member
“Very interesting presentation. Amazed to learn just how much investment funding exists and how disorganized the market really is. Speaker was able to convey his message well and kept the discussion moving.”
Mark, member
“Great meetup today. Thanks to Eric for bringing in Adam and thanks to Adam for the talk. Thumbs up to Boost Funder for being so open and helping. One thing entrepreneurs need most in a startup is advisement and advisement is lacking.”
James Lee, hacker
“Thank you to both Erick and Adam for a informative evening!”
Simon, entrepreneur


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