Jason Feffer: Google Analytics and the Customer Funnel

Jason Feffer, CEO of Sodahead, came to SCV Startup and rocked the house with his Google Analytics mastery. Originally named (appropriately), Zen and the Art of Google Analytics we opted for something else. Jason came to SCV Startup, guns a blazing to talk about Google Analytics and the customer funnel. He’s been using Google Analytics for years and has served over a billion ads over that time. He explained how to configure Google Analytics to track online customers and enhance the user experience and optimize revenue for your business.

 Watch the rest of the Jason Feffer presentation:

Jason Feffer Google Analytics Part 2

Jason Feffer Google Analytics Part 3


The Recap


Press Coverage

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“Great overview Feffer – my brain hurts! There’s a lot to learn but as always I always walk away from SCV Startup with useful info & amazing support – thanks Erick!”
Lisa, Skin Metro
“Really engaged group. Great information and lots and lots of really good questions. “
Erick, Vacation Juice
“Oh 5 stars. I really got a lot out of this overview. Great presentation. Let’s do a follow up.”
Eric Hayes, Vacation Juice



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