Brand + Culture: Startups Need to Brand Right from the Start.

Jon Hutson and Eric Pinckert, Managing Directors of Brand Culture in LA, came to SCV Startup to a packed house of startup entrepreneurs from Santa Clarita Valley.

Brand Culture has created some amazing brands from large companies like Cardlytics, Evolv, and Bovitz and the Startup crowd just ate it up. Jon and Eric shared their over 2 decades of experience on successful and failed attempts at creating just the right brand. They shared their “3 Main Questions when Creating a Brand” to help the startups stay on track. Eric and Jon took us through some brands that failed at their re-brand attempts (Yahoo + Walmart). 



The Recap


Press Coverage

Startups need to brand right from the start (coming soon)

“Great insight from Jon on creating our Brand. I came away with some really useful nuggets. “
Brian, Alternav
“These guys create brands for some really big companies and here they were teaching us for free. Just awesome. “
Tom, Entrepreneur
“Having Jon and Eric share their combined experience was great. I loved hearing about the successful brands as well as the flops. I don’t want to make the same mistakes.”
Alan, Entrepreneur


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